Cookies & Crafts

Tomorrow we are heading up to Orange County to have an early Christmas with my fam before flying up to Washington. I was in the baking mood so I decided to try a new cookie recipe with the excuse that I could give the cookies away. These cookies turned out good. The coconut gets a little lost, it might be good with a tad of imitation coconut flavor added…next time.

Oatmeal+ coconut+ chocolate chips.
Oatmeal+ coconut+ chocolate chips.

I let K finger paint while I was making the cookies. I thought a festive snowflake craft might be cute.

IMG_20121215_120607 IMG_20121215_120604


What do you think? Doesn’t really look like a snowflake does it? Shane said it reminded him of the Israeli flag. Hmph not the outcome I was looking for.

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