From OC to Walla Walla

I have been waiting to write anything because, well nothing has really happened. That’s the life here during the winter in Walla Walla.

We left John Wayne airport early Monday morning. Kaili was a champ throughout the 2 1/2 hour flight, although it seemed a lot longer to me. We had a small layover in the Sea/Tac airport where we had a little lunch and Kaili met an elf and Santa.


Tuesday  morning I hit the local YMCA to get some exercise , the weather is SO COLD and the equipment is outdated but the little old ladies playing cards and drinking coffee in the lobby remind you that you are in a small town and then it’s all good.  We ran a few boring errands, hit 3 Rivers Winery to ship some wine home and then called it a day. See, not very exciting.

Wednesday morning we took Kaili to meet her Great Grandma and then proceeded on to some wineries.


L’Ecole is a long time favorite. It’s an old school house and has some pretty tasty wines.


Just  a few more wineries before bringing home dinner.

Found one of my favorite blogs cookbooks in the Woodward winery tasting room
Found one of my favorite blogs cookbooks in the Woodward winery tasting room


Hassleback #8
Hassleback #8

Kaili found a nice doggy to keep her company while we tasted some really big red wines at Skylight Cellars.


The last tasting room we hit was in downtown Walla Walla. Yes there is a downtown, it’s not big but it’s promising. Charles Smith winery was quiet, had the urban loft vibe and put out some great wines….oh and there labels were nice.



We ended the day with Ice-Burg, a local hamburger joint that puts out great food, well pretty good food.


A quick video with grandma and a kiss goodnight. Until tomorrow!

Grandma and KBear
Grandma and KBear

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