Alphabet Board

I spent my Tuesday making an alphabet board for K. I saw these self adhesive poster letters at Target and thought hmm, these might work nicely. Lies, they don’t stick so I had to glue them on. When I was all done I went to read the alphabet to Kaili, ABCDE….f*ck, I forgot the f*ck*ng F! And yes, I had already glued them onto the poster board. So I threw a mini temper tantrum and opened some wine. I started over the next morning, remembering the F this time.


Then I went ahead and made flash cards to go with them.


And maybe if I get the urge, I will print out pictures to put on the back. We shall see.


Kaili has become a bit demanding lately. She insisted on coloring for the majority of the day, but if I stopped moving the crayon for one second she reprimanded me. Clothes were optional, hers not mine.

IMG_20130124_145156 IMG_20130124_151803

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