Don’t Do It!

We had a fun filled weekend. Friends from out of town, wine tasting, playing at the bay….the whole thing. But I imagine you also had a fun weekend so I don’t want to bore you with words. How about some pictures?

Kaili had the best time with the Warezak clan.

IMG_20130526_144350 IMG_20130526_144424 IMG_20130526_152650

She put on a brave face when it came to the water. She ran right in not knowing she can’t swim, multiple times…sigh.


She went kayaking with daddy and Auntie Michelle. Both times she cried for me. Yes, I kayak but apparently I am not fast enough so now I only go solo….

Speaking of crying.


That’s really the only time she was upset. She had so much fun and the ice cream, that was a highlight!

IMG_20130527_151316 IMG_20130527_151756 IMG_20130527_113655 IMG_20130526_193615 IMG_20130527_162534

Here is James intently watching Dora with a belly full of ice cream. He is a dream boat.


You know you are at the beach when even the soap is sandy. Realizing how much I don’t like sand!


Wiped. All of them are zoned out.


Going to take a sharp right, I have to share this with you.

This couple wants a dolphin assisted birth for their baby. How awesome is this? The first thing that popped into my head was how stupid a birth plan is to begin with. Remember mine? LOL Wow reading that again, I can safely say I jinxed THE WHOLE DAMN THING by writing that stupid post.

Ok, but maybe there are some people out there that do actually have a birth plan and it actually goes as plans? Well let’s say these smart folks are the lucky ones. Can you imagine how horrid it will be when the dolphin swims off with the newborn? Or how about when the pregnant mom is “sexually harassed” by the mammal? Have you seen this?  Moral of the story, hope for the best, expect the worst, leave the birth plan and dolphin at home. Happy Memorial Day!!

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