D is for Dinosaur and Dentist

The past few weeks I have been working on Dinosaurs with the kids. We used our  imaginations to take us back in time and explored a world very different from the one we live in today. I branched out a bit with the older kids and they were  surprised to find that “prehistoric animals” didn’t just mean dinosaurs.

Bristle block printing on a Dino cut-out

IMG_20130821_100102 IMG_20130822_100032

Cut, color and glue the T-Rex together


Dinosaur sensory play in sand


Dinosaur Tracks

IMG_20130822_094653 IMG_20130822_094706 IMG_20130822_094718

In other not so fascinating news, Kaili had her first dentist appointment. I was referred to a pediatric dentist through Shane and my dentist, I am not convinced there is really a difference. Well besides the waiting room…


Our dentist doesn’t have video games in his waiting room. Is there a rule that we have to take kids to a pediatric dentist or do all dentist see all ages?

The good news is that her teeth are fine but he told me I wasn’t supposed to be using fluoride on her yet. But but but our pediatrician said fluoride toothpaste was fine after 2 years old. Why is this so confusing?

He did mention that she has underbite and said she should see an orthodontist at age 5 or 6.  She did just fine. Sat for him, opened her mouth when asked, closed it when asked, just like the perfect little angel she is.


She has a follow up appointment at 3 years with a cleaning and x-rays, the whole she-bang. I hope she can get through childhood without any fears of the dentist, clowns are bad enough.

One thought on “D is for Dinosaur and Dentist

  1. I took Trey to a pediatric dentist this summer because I wasn’t sure how he’d react and I thought a pediatric dentist would handle it better. I liked how they take things at the individual child’s pace and don’t push them when they aren’t ready. I figure if things go well as he gets more done to his teeth, I will switch him to our family dentist when he’s 6 or 7.

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