The One About The Sick Kid

We had a nice healthy run but it’s come to an end. Tuesday Kaili developed a low grade fever and some mediocre whining, nothing else. Wednesday night was rough, she woke up every few hours and at 2:00 A.M. she was burning up. I took her temperature 3 times and it averaged to a 102 degree fever. I gave her some Advil and went back to bed trying not to worry. I laid there until the sun came up, checking on her every so often.

Kaili was yelling “mommy, I wake up” by 6:00, this was going to be a long day. Thankfully, I already had the day off and Shane would be home soon.

Her Advil wore off and her fever came back along with hoarseness and a cough. She is in a decent mood considering  and she goes  through some sever whining fits but fingers crossed this is the worst of it!?!?


Keeping her busy
Keeping her busy

Tomorrow, is my last scheduled day of work for now. I really enjoy working but I also miss having some free days. The grass is always greener I guess.

Monday is my sono aka Sonohysterogram at Reproductive Partners, here we go again….Ready for all the fertility lingo?

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