Weekend Things

I have my first appointment with the perinatologist scheduled, I got a load of blood drawn Friday, a flu shot on the calendar for Kaili and I picked up my Harmony prenatal test, once our insurance updates I can go get it taken care of.

We spent the weekend watching football of course but looking through my photos it also revolved around food.

I actually bought strawberries at Costco to make fruit roll ups but this ended up happening. Sorry, not sorry.


Does she look 2 here? I’d say more like 2 1/2 right?

photo 4

We woke up Saturday morning and made banana bread. She quit on me early.

photo 3

Fresh squeezed orange juice, it tasted as good as I hoped.


Hummus is one of K’s favorite things to eat so instead of buying stock in it I decided to make some. I used this recipe, recipe approved.

photo 2 photo 1

Sunday morning we hit Miramar resevoir for a glimpse of the ducks and a short walk.

photo 4

I managed to stay off all social media last night so that I can enjoy the Golden Globes all alone this morning. A few of our shows started back up and I can say I really missed Shameless and I think True Detective is going to be some good T.V. You should watch it.


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