Have I bragged about how great my daughter is lately? No, Okay here I go…

Two and a half and she surprises me daily. She wants to please and is a great helper. Almost always upbeat, it takes a lot for her to cry and when she does it breaks my heart. She ran herself into the corner of the wall the other day and went down crying but quickly got up and said “I’m ok.” She had a big knot on the side of her head and the top of her ear lobe was purple and swollen. I tried to tend to it but she assured me she was fine and went on with her day. She also showed me up in the flu shot department. After getting my first flu shot I was preparing her for hers by explaining what was going to happen. When we were at the Dr office I left the scene because I hate to see her in pain. I mean the shot was not painless for me, why would it be for her. Less than 5 minutes later she came trotting out to the waiting room with dry eyes. Shane said she didn’t even wince. The girl is stronger than I am.

She loves to describe her food as “DELICIOUS” and says it “tastes yummy in her tummy”. She is a pretty good eater with hummus, mac n’ cheese, berries and chocolate topping the favorites list. She says her favorite food is chicken nuggets but she lies.

We caught up with her speech therapist and she likes where Kaili is at. My only concerns for her were that Kaili sometimes speaks in the third person and leaves out words in songs and sentences. This should resolve itself by the age of 3, or in Kaili time 3 and 5 months but I am already seeing improvements.

She is not a homebody by any means and is used to ALL of the attention. Having a sibling is going to be a wake up call for this one. She is a very quick learner, say something once and she will remember it and then repeat it to her advantage. Luckily swear words haven’t been an issue…yet.

We hit the “how to prolong bedtime” milestone last night, first she wanted medicine {tylenol} then she wanted a drink of water and the third time she told me not to put her gate up. I thought to myself, isn’t it too soon for this but what do I know?

We had been putting the baby gate on her door at night so she wouldn’t wake up and wander around the house at 4 or 5 a.m. which worked like a charm. We continued with the gate on nights we were watching the Walking Dead so she didn’t come down the hall to see a Zombie get his head bashed in. Good parenting award.

Is she done yet?

Almost. I also got her the Teach Me Time alarm clock. It has a lot of features that she will grow into but for now we are using the “ok to wake” green light. You can set the light to come on at your desired time in the morning and it has been working great. She knows she needs to stay in her room until it comes on. The neighbors can probably hear her screaming “it’s green, it’s green” each morning. Does she wake up before it? Sure sometimes, but a gentle reminder for her to wait until the light comes on works like a charm. She is still sleeping as I write this and the light came on 10 minutes ago. Worth every penny.

Kaili is such a good spirited little girl with a big heart, I am lucky to be her mom.

photo 2
“Take my picture”

photo 1

2 thoughts on “Kaili

  1. That was fun to read. Kaili is a smart little girl, I can tell. What else should she be with such caring and smart parents??

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