13 Weeks Bumpdate

Hello second trimester!

We should be getting our Harmony results back any day. Gender wise, we both think it’s a boy but I may or may not be secretly wishing for a girl. In the end, healthy is all I really want.

(Rolls eyes), she has to say that.

Anthem Blue Cross has been nothing but a nightmare. We finally received our insurance cards and it seems that all will be OK in the end, meaning I should  be able to keep all my doctors. Otherwise I may have a complete breakdown. I am crossing my fingers that the Perinatologist I saw with Kaili accepts our new insurance so I can go to her for my amnio. The doctor group I saw last week left something to be desired.

Morning sickness has decreased to an almost non existence..almost. I have started working out and it feels amazing but it zaps all of my energy and afterwards I could crawl in bed and go to sleep. Cravings are the strangest thing, I didn’t have them like this with K. Sometimes a food pops into my head and I have to have it. HAVE to. This week it was bananas with peanut butter and chicken piccata. Gawd, the chicken piccata was so so good, best I am ever made.

Sleep isn’t the greatest, I toss and turn, the slightest noise wakes me up and I hit the bathroom countless times a night.

I think I have felt some flutters in my stomach but not sure if it was the baby or something else. I had a lot of round ligament pain yesterday and my belling has gotten bigger in the past few days. Hopefully the working out will help the other body parts stay the same size.

I am not missing much of anything now that I am up and moving around. I have one cup of coffee a day. I eat deli meat when I want it and I am not worried about soft cheeses, we aren’t in France people. I’d like to say I miss my wine but I actually don’t…yet. I have had a bad run with allergies the past few months, maybe I am allergic to being pregnant…wouldn’t doubt it. I take Claritin when I absolutely have to and it helps SO much.

I am looking forward to that phone call from our genetic counselor with our results (taps fingers on desk). And I am looking forward to this month to end, it seems there are 100 days in January this year.



One thought on “13 Weeks Bumpdate

  1. Glad you are hanging in and that morning sickness is ending.   All your good food sounds great, but don’t eat too much or you will regret it later!

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