A Week In Photos

Kaili has been calling her bathing suit her “swimming costume”, so there’s a chance she’s British.

IMG_2827 IMG_2846

Warm weather into the evening.


Quinoa tabbouleh, my favorite go-to summer dish.


Someone is showing interest in makeup…already.


Breakfast alfresco.


2 o’clock sky.


Coloring and chocolate raisins with the dino’s.

photo 1

20 weeks.


Soux chef preparing the halibut.


2 thoughts on “A Week In Photos

  1. Swimming costume ~ you should start speaking to her in a British accent all the time hahah 😉
    Lil guacamole is coming along nicely and You…looks fabu!!! 🙂

  2. Enjoyed all the photos—Kaili in new swim costume with spikey hairdo (!!), tabbouleh salad, and all the outfits. Must be fun dressing a girl (I wouldn’t know!)

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