This weather we are having has been glorious. We have been spending our afternoons wading in the hot tub and eating popsicles like it’s mid July. Please don’t take my sunshine away Mr. Weatherman. Along with outdoor activities, I have tried to keep K busy with some inside art each day. So if you need some inspiration to pull your kid out from in front of the TV, I got your back.

Wine Cork Clovers

photo 1

photo 3

Shamrock Cookie Cutter Printing

IMG_2852 IMG_2863

Nature Walk Collage


Coffee Filter Butterflies

photo 4 photo 5 photo

Hurry up Spring, I am ready to get all Easter up in here.

3 thoughts on “Artful

  1. I see you have good ideas to keep K busy and she is enjoying it all. I she going to be another artist in the family??

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