4 Months

We’ve got ourselves another itsy bitys teeny weeny babe on our hands. Averi, 4 months is weighing in at a whopping 12 lbs. Same as her sister at 4 months.


This kid likes:

Sucking on her toes.

Watching her sister.



Her carseat, as long as it’s moving.

You guys, I still haven’t switched her to the crib. I know, I know….Seriously I am chicken. Why rock the baby who sleeps through the night -5 out of 7 nights of the week. I mean S.L.E.E.P.S the entire night…6:30 to 6:30. WHY would I mess with that? Because Kim, she needs to be in her crib! Dammit!

This ham is a creature of habit, she loves her routine and I swear she will freak the hell out if she doesn’t have a bottle in her mouth at the right time…TWSS




The doc said I can start her on oatmeal now and then veggies at 5 months, doesn’t this seem early? Im in no rush to push foods on her but it might be fun to see her reaction, we’ll see. It’s amazing how much I forgot about the baby months. I actually had to google “when do babies crawl”. Where do all these memories go?


2 thoughts on “4 Months

  1. Hi Kim, I am sorry I haven’t commented on all your blogs. You my have heard that I had an accident and broke a bunch of ribs. I am in the 5th week of recovery and doing better. They won’t heal completely for another 6 weeks but I feel better already. Less pain and able to do more. I have loved seeing Averi. She is a good baby to sleep most nights so long. Both pictures are darllng and her smile is wonderful. Glad you are over the hump, so to speak. Happy Thanksgiving. Love, Aunt Carolyn

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