New Name

You may or may not have realized that my blog URL and name is now different. I thought since I am no longer trying for a baby it was time I update it. Simply Four, straight forward enough…no?
If you are following me on Feedly, you may have to re-add the blog, not quite sure how that works.

On another note, I made a very delicious soup, right down to the chicken stock. I don’t have an exact recipe for you but I can give you a quick rundown.

Coconut curry thai chicken soup
Coconut curry thai chicken soup

Thai Coconut Curry soup with Chicken

*I made chicken stock from a Rotisserie chicken. I pulled off all the meat and set aside. Cover chicken carcuss with water, throw in some veg, onions/carrots/garlic whatever you have and simmer for an hour. Strain and then set stock aside.

What you will need:

minced garlic 1Tb
grated ginger 1Tb
1 jalapeno minced
juice of 1 lime
1 heaping Tb green curry paste
1 can coconut milk (lite or reg)
1 Tbs. Sugar
1 Tbs. Fish sauce
4 cups chicken broth/stock
Cooked rice or rice noodles
cooked chicken, diced or shredded

In large sauce pan heat a little olive oil and saute first 3 ingredients and then add curry paste. Stir in coconut milk, sugar, fish sauce and lime juice, bring to a simmer. Add chicken broth and bring back to simmer for 10-20 minutes. Add chicken, rice, reheat. Serve with lime wedge and cilantro.

*I had about a cup of sticky coconut rice I made a few days earlier, that is what I used and it was delish, added a touch more sweetness.

While the soup was cooking, Kaili was busy working on her Christmas list to Santa. We put it in the mail this morning and now I get to hold this over her head for another month. }Listen up kiddo, Santa is watching you!”

3 thoughts on “New Name

  1. Dear Kim and Shane,   Thank you for all the wonderful pictures of Kaili and Averi.   I think you have the cutest little girls ever!  Kaili look so cute in her bathing suits with her darling shape.   Where did you ever find such cute outfits for her?   It must be fun dressing little girls (I wouldn’t know!).   And Averi is such a beautiful baby and always looks so heathy and happy.   You are super parents to have such lovable girls!   I have really enjoyed the pictures and blogs and to be able to keep up with your life.   Too bad we live so far apart so I could be a part of your lives.      And now you are already in your 8th year of marriage!   The years go by so fast.   John and I just missed by a few months of being married 60 years.   Can you beat that?   We had a lot of good years before he began to have problems.   I miss hm.      I hear your parents will be with you for Thanksgiving and I know you all, including Casey, will have a good time.   I have Mark, Bernadette, and 7 yr. old Evan joining me here at Spring Lake Village for the big feast tomorrow.   It will be a 3 course dinner and I wonder if we will be able to waddle away from the table!   Anyway, have a good time and I wish you all the best and a wonderful holiday season ahead.     Love, Aunt Carolyn  

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