This is how our Thanksgiving day started out. Pretty brilliant, right?
FullSizeRender We started our gluttony early in the day and we were lucky enough to do so outside.


“Really getting sick of these pictures, mom” — Kaili ”            CHEESE” — Averi

We devoured a traditional menu and it was all so delicious, I am still full.

What wasn’t traditional was that the Seahawks were playing the primetime  game against the Niners..I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the most watched primetime game in Thanksgiving past.

I usually prefer a good morning game when the kids are happy and awake and I don’t have to be bothered by baths and bedtime. However seeing this at the end made it all worth it.

Seattle 19 – 3 ( Enjoying turkey on the Niner logo )


That was a great way to end our Thanksgiving.

The next morning we had a visitor.


Meet Elf King Felix <<<— (sometimes you just have to let the man have his way)

Elf Felix is here on Santa’s behalf to watch over Kaili and report back to the North Pole each night only to return in a new spot each day.

Day two and I almost forgot to move the damn elf… This should go very well.

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. I am glad you had such a nice Thanksgiving.  I loved all the pictures, especially the one with Kaili holding Averi.   They are so cute together!

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