Chicken Curry Puffs

This recipe hails from {ahem} All Recipes. I usually stay away from that site because the recipes are from every day Joe’s and if you stay too long you will find the same recipe made 1,368 different ways. I usually end up questioning the recipe and  cursing the reviews. Now you may loooove that site and send your recipes in and if that is the case I have probably judged your recipe. Just kidding…actually I’m not.

Here is where I become a hypocrite. I was offered a free subscription to the All Recipe magazine and if you know me, you know I lOVE magazines, so of course I took it. And after skimming through 4 of them I finally found a recipe I wanted to make. My mind instantly went back to the chicken curry pasties we I devoured in London. These took a little work and would be great for a party if you can wrangle someone to help you fill them. These turned out good, you should make them.

Instead of writing out the entire recipe, here is the LINK.

The filling makes enough to fill at least 3 puff pastry sheets, so we had a lot of filling left over. But that’s not a bad thing because it’s good on it own. The only thing I would do next time was add a spicier chili. Oh and maybe spend more time closing these suckers up, most of mine popped open.

IMG_5754 IMG_5755 IMG_5756



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