Contact Paper Art

This is a super-easy art project to do with your toddler or preschooler. I advise you to prep the activity while your little one is busy doing something elsewhere.

What you will need:

Contact paper

Masking Tape

Pre cut paper in any shape you want


Additional Item Ideas:

Tissue paper, string, card stock shapes and glitter (if you are brave)

Cut a piece of contact paper in any shape you want. This time I just cut a rectangle but next time I will cut out a Pumpkin shape for a Halloween theme project.

Carefully remove the paper backing from the contact paper. Tape the four corners of the contact paper ( sticky side up) to whatever workspace you are using. I chose the floor.

Then lay out all the items you want them to stick on the contact paper.

Demonstrate how to put the items onto the contact paper by doing it yourself. Then back away and let them create, and use positive reinforcement each time they successfully get an item to stick.


“Good job Kaili. I like how you put the sticker on there all by yourself.”

She seemed to enjoy this activity but in true toddler fashion it only lasted a short time. Then all hell broke loose…

the aftermath.

There are so many extensions to this activity, you can use it to fit any theme you want by just changing a few things. Here a some ideas.

Apple Theme- Cut the contact paper into an apple shape, or frame it with red construction paper in an apple shape. Have your child fill in the frame with cut up red tissue paper.

Valentines Day Theme- Cut the contact paper into a heart shape, or frame with pink construction paper in a heart shape. Have your child stick on heart shapes cut out of tissue paper or construction paper.

Shape Theme- Cut contact paper into a circle and have your child stick different shapes made out of foam, card stock and tissue paper.

Flower Theme- Cut contact paper into smaller flower shapes and have your child fill in the entire space with one color of tissue paper. Add on a green stem from construction paper. These would look great hung up in a window.

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