17 Months

Baby K turned 17 months last Sunday. We celebrated with a trip up to the OC so Kaili could see all of her family. But first we had to say good morning to Senna.

Kaili and I met the family at the Irvine spectrum where we enjoyed lunch. Kaili’s favorite part of going there is the pet store as sad as they are.

Kaili + Grandma

After lunch, Kaili was entertained by her uncle. She hasn’t seen much of him but she took to him immediately.

And then she wowed us with her piano skills, musical prodigy in the making?

My mom is leaving in a couple of weeks on another trip to Bolivia and beyond. She will be gone through the holidays so I got a present early.

It’s even signed! I love it.

We finished the evening at Salt Creek Grill, all the food was delicious!

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