You’re My Friend

Lately when Kaili sees my hideous c-section scar she comments on how I have an owie like she does and points to her hand. I always tell her how that was way the Dr. got her out of my stomach, then she replies, “ya, you let me out.” Ha, more like dragged you out kid.

"I'm in the mighty forest."
“I’m in the mighty forest.”

She says some wild things that just remind me how great this age is. While strolling around SeaWorld she was pointing out every man saying “that’s not my dad!” At least she wasn’t asking them if they were her dad, awkward. She had less interest in the actual mammals and fish this time around, poking around the stores and just being on the go was more exciting. We wandered around the entire park until mama had enough. We visited Shamu last, he was her favorite this time.


My favorite is when she takes my hand and says “I love you, you’re my friend” in the cutest little voice. My heart flutters.

3 thoughts on “You’re My Friend

  1. Really good you are taking her places like that. It’s fun hearing the things they say at that age!

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